Hours: 8 am - 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri.
212 North Tulane Avenue
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Tel: (865)483-8497

This Week in the Parish

Fri., May 18   9:00-Noon  Ecumenical Storehouse               Storehouse 

                 6:00 PM  Parents Night Out                   Parish Hall

Sat., May 19   9:00-Noon  Ecumenical Storehouse               Storehouse

Mon., May 21     9:30 AM  Staff Meeting                       Rector’s Office

               9:00-Noon  Ecumenical Storehouse               Storehouse 

                10:00 AM  Piece Makers                        Pollard Rm.

                10:30 AM  Mothers Bible Study                 Rm. 202

                 5:00 PM  Community Meditation                Pollard Rm.

                 6:00 PM  Cub Scouts                          Rm. 212

                 6:00 PM  Adult Confirmation Class            Pollard Rm.

                 6:30 PM  TRIP                                Rm. 209

Tue., May 22    11:30 AM  Holy Eucharist                      Chapel

                12:30 PM  Cursillo                            Pollard Rm.

                 1:00 PM  Holy Communion                      Greenfield

                 1:30 PM  Tai Chi                             Parish Hall

                 2:30 PM  Tai Chi for beginners               Parish Hall

                 7:00 PM  Education for Ministry              Akers Home

Wed., May 23     8:00 AM  Men’s Study Group                   Pollard Rm.

               9:00-Noon  Ecumenical Storehouse               Storehouse

                 5:30 PM  Holy Eucharist/Healing Service      Chapel

Thur., May 24    5:30 PM  Cursillo                            Pollard Rm.

                 6:30 PM  Movie Night                         Parish Hall

Fri., May 25   9:00-Noon  Ecumenical Storehouse               Storehouse 

                 9:30 AM  Clearfork Meeting                   Parish Hall

Sat., May 26   9:00-Noon  Ecumenical Storehouse-pickup        Storehouse


A Votive Candle Stand and Prayer Desk are available in St. Alban’s Chapel

Please feel free to visit the chapel at any time


Support St Stephen’s Outreach When You Shop


St Stephen’s Outreach is now listed with the Kroger Community Rewards Program as a recipient charity.  With the Kroger Community Rewards Program, the customer’s use of their Rewards Card accumulates an additional benefit to St Stephen’s if the customer chooses.   Customers must access the website, and select St Stephen’s as their recipient organization.  This is an entirely additional promotion and does not affect the “fuel points” promotion. 


Please sign up.  We now have 17 people/households signed on and have already received a first check in the amount of $235!  Here is what you need to know:

1.      Access and either sign on, if you have before,  or create an online presence by putting in your email name and making up a password.

2.      If you already have a “Plus Shoppers Card”, go to the bottom of the screen and enter St Stephen’s as your selected charity, NPO number 75653.

3.      If you do not have a “Plus Shoppers Card”, you may generate one on the website using your phone number as an identifier, then select St Stephen’s for Community Rewards.

4.      Now whenever you shop at Kroger and either swipe your “Shopper Card” or enter your phone number as the “alternate ID”, St Stephen’s Outreach gets a contribution based on the amount of the purchase.

  Rewards from all of St Stephen’s friends are accumulated quarterly. So we need lots of friends!   Please sign up.


HAVE AN EVENT OR HAPPENING COMING UPIf you have a coming event that you would like to have added to this listing, please send your information to


On every first and fifth Sunday, the loose offering is designated for the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.

This fund is used to help the less fortunate in our community with rent, utilities, etc.

Please be generous.


ON-LINE CONTRIBUTION OPTION now available on the website.  For those of you who have been asking for this convenience, pledge payments and/or special donations can now be made through our website (  While offered through PayPal, it does not require a PayPal account.  Any standard credit card may be used.  If you choose this option, please be sure to indicate what the donation is given for on the final payment page.


CHECKS / CASH DONATIONS.  We are always very grateful for your contributions to the church, but PLEASE - clearly mark the check, or the envelope if giving cash, with exactly what the money is for (i.e., pledge, food baskets, discretionary fund, EYF mission trip, Wed PM supper, altar flowers, Haiti fund, memorial gift-with the name included, etc.).  Without this information, the counters have a difficult time deciding where to put the contribution and ultimately may not deposit it as you intended.  Thank you.



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