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Stewardship at St. Stephen's

St. Stephenís Church Stewardship Campaign takes place in the context of three important realities.† Our gratitude for Godís provision in allowing us the use of so much that isnít ours in the first place; The power of prayer at work in our lives to maintain a vibrant hope for our future; the opportunity to explore our relationship with money as a way to deepen our relationship with Christ and to more closely align our financial resources with our faith.† Because money flows through many aspects of our lives, such as our work, our families, our communities and our participation in the larger political and economic systems of which we are a part, reflecting on our stewardship of money can be a powerful way to integrate our faith more holistically into our lives as Christians.


Important in cultivating a sense of community around this topic is our annual pledge drive.† It will involve participating in conversations about the meaning of money in peopleís lives.† Hopefully we can agree that it is by far a much more fulfilling venture for us to take than the easier road of abdicating to the cultureís way. It is a time for us to engage the aspects we encounter on our faith journey which have the ability to greatly influence our ability to nurture a culture of abundance. †Such cultivation occurs when we develop a common vocabulary and share stories. †It is an opportunity to practice listening for the voice of Christ so that money can become a sacrament of Godís love in our lives.† Never underestimate the power of a conversation.


As caretakers of Godís bounty, what we do with this bounty ultimately defines the character of our lives and the depth of our spiritual understanding.† We also know there are not many opportunities in life to do something that impacts lives for generations to come.† The church is unlike anything else weíll encounter in our lives, and so you are invited to play a significant role by your participation in our conversations about money.†


And finally, please be intentional in prayer as you consider a pledge to St. Stephenís Church for the coming year.†






To explore more about stewardship go to
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