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Haiti Ministries

Petit Harpon is a small community in the mountains of the southern peninsula of Haiti. It is about half-way between the towns of Leogane on the bay side and Jacmel on the Caribbean side. There is a paved road connecting Leogane and Jacmel, but Petit Harpon is about 2-3 miles west of that road. We have been hiking there with hired burros to carry supplies and materials. We have participated with other parishes in East Tennessee to build a school there

» The school is literally on top of a mountain.
» There is no electric service currently.
» The water source is rainwater collected in a cistern under the school’s main building.
» The ground is very rocky.
» The community is primarily subsistence farmers.

» They are very welcoming.
» They smile a lot.

The New Calling

The school at Petit Harpon , St John the Evangelist, is a success and continues to grow. The earthquake did not damage the main school building. During the aftermath of the disaster with its aftershocks the school was a refuge for hundreds in the community. The adjacent kitchen-cafeteria building did sustain damage. Planning for repairs is already starting. Events of January 12 did not eliminate the need for medical care in our community but added rebuilding priorities.

Actually, a medical clinic was planned and a building (also designed by Ann Aiken of Good Shepherd) constructed for that purpose. But it has only been used for occasional medical missions from the U.S. There hasn’t been one in several years. The people of Petit Harpon are still waiting, and not just for a week-long mission, but for an operating clinic.

The situation is exacerbated by the lack of available medical care anywhere in the area. The nearest road is more than an hour away by foot and the nearest medical help an additional 1 to 1˝ hours away in Leogane or Jacmel.

St Stephens continues to hear that call as well as the new need to help restore normal family and community life. We continue to work through barriers to provide a staffed clinic using the existing building and Haitian medical professionals Madame Alcindor, Director of the nursing school in Leogane, has committed to provide student nurses to augment the services we can offer and assist us with getting off the ground. The earthquake damage delays our ability to take the next steps on the ground, but the need for medical care does not change.

Our goals now are:

  1. Assembly of funding for start-up requirements.
  2. Return to Petit Harpon as soon as possible to assess damages, begin preparing the building, develop water source, and re-establish contacts.
Volunteers are ready to go to work on the building.

  1. Press towards clinic operations:
    - obtain/provide adequate waste management, security, water and electricity
    - paint-up, fix-up of the clinic building
    - obtain medical equipment and supplies donations
    - provide a full-time nurse, part-time doctors & student nurses, and 1 or 2 support persons
    - continue to organize week-long mission clinics as neeeded
  2. Work with Good Shepard, Lookout Mountain, and other parishes to re-open the school and repair earthquake damage.

Hear the Call, Get Involved: If you want to be a part of any phase of the effort, Call Cameron Ellis or the church office at 483-8497. In the meantime, contributions at this time are a tremendous help. Checks can be written to St Stephens noted for “Haiti Clinic.”