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Sunday School

Sunday School classes for children and youth begin at 10 am on Sunday mornings between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Each class is designed to provide an age-appropriate grounding in our Biblical foundations and Anglican heritage, prayer, worship, community and service.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Preschool - Elementary)

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a Montessori-based religious formation program for children, centered on the belief that young children can and do experience God. The aim of the Catechesis approach is to create an environment in which children can develop spiritually. The Gospel is proclaimed through age-appropriate parable lessons, prayers, music, and liturgical events.

Hands-on materials are used to help both children and adults reflect together on the great mysteries of the Christian faith. Level I includes children age three through Kindergarten; Level II is for children in Grades 1-4.

Middle School

The Middle School class focuses on giving the youth a broad grounding in the basics of our faith. Story is central, and this class covers many of the stories, Old Testament and New, that form the Salvation Story, engaging the Story through art and drama and music as well as the written word.

The class also delves into how the Salvation Story is re-enacted in the cycle of the church year and in other liturgical forms. For this age group, life experiences broaden and become more challenging. We seek to make what we learn in Sunday School relevant and important in our everyday lives.

High School

The High School class seeks to train our youth to think theologically, to examine their own story in light of the Salvation Story and to absorb the Salvation Story in light of their own. Whether beginning from the day’s lectionary or from a life situation or issue with which the youth are struggling, it is in the two way examination - Word to world and world to Word - that they learn about living in faith.